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It’s no secret. We’re really bad at passwords. Nevertheless, they aren’t going away any time soon.


Passwords – Is mine strong enough?  How do I know?  Every time I write a password article I feel as if this subject has already been done to death by me and others.


Ransomware attacks, such as CryptoLocker, CyrptoWall, Locky, Chimera, Zepto, and the like, have become one of the best money-making exploits for cyber-criminals, with new variants appearing on the scene every month.


Here’s a provocative statement:  If you could just prevent your staff from clicking on links or opening attachments in phishing emails, 95% of your cybersecurity problems would be prevented.


Does anyone remember the CompUSA Superstores?  I used to frequent them in Roseville and Edina back in the day.


Recently I was reminded of the first time I had used a computer.  I sat down and really thought through the whole experience and what I had gotten out of it at that time. 


Knowledge sucks.

There, that got your attention—or at least raised an eyebrow. 

By that, I mean knowledge gets transferred this way and that, from employee to employee, from customer to vendor


If you take a moment to ponder the vast wasteland that is our modern-day American culture, you can find any number of yardsticks by which to measure yourself--a veritable plethora of ways to compare yourself to everyone around you.

To narrow that down further, one could easily spew pages of drivel focusing just on the myriad ways there are to be “a real man”. 


I’ve always wondered what goes through the minds of those dastardly evil-doers that are responsible for creating computer viruses.  I mean, you have to have some kind of objective in mind as far as what your virus will be designed to do once you unleash it upon the poor unsuspecting world…wouldn’t you?


When it comes to buying a new laptop, what really matters?  Windows vs Mac?  HP vs Dell?  Processing power or how hot of a graphics adapter to get?  Or is it weight and display screen measurements?


The time has come.  For this particular I.T. Guy, the time is nigh to replace something of vital importance.  If your first guess is a smart phone or laptop, you would be wrong—I just got my new iPhone 6 and my MacBook Air isn’t quite two years old.


I was reminded recently of some amusing anecdotes from the prehistoric days of computers. And I don’t mean the early ‘90s when, practically overnight, a home computer became the next must-have...


Everyone’s a joker.  Or at least, the capacity for practical jokes is built right into pretty much everyone, in my estimation.  In some, it’s simply more developed and closer to the surface than in others.


Who remembers the old Windows favorite “Illegal Operation Error” message?  That one was Windows 95 and 98, if I remember correctly.

Or how about the even more vintage “General Protection Fault” message from the laughably unstable and spectacularly useless Windows 3.11?  Granted, it was all we had at the time, but I’ve always been one to look back with an historical eye for hindsight and laugh at stuff like that.


Biometrics:  The science of using your own body to authenticate your identity for security clearance to your PC, your smartphone, your employer’s network, your personal finances online…the possibilities are endless.  Great idea?  Maybe


The perfect Information Technology person (hereafter known affectionately as “I.T. Guy”) would have an answer for everything, be able to fix anything, and even whip up a fabulous soufflé while oozing charm, sophistication and confident leadership all the while.