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Password Tips for 2017

Passwords – Is mine strong enough?  How do I know?  Every time I write a password article I feel as if this subject has already been done to death by me and others.  But I always get more positive feedback on this subject than others I consider more interesting, so we offer the following suggestions: […]

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Phishing and Spearphishing – Don’t Take The Bait!

Here’s a provocative statement: If you could just prevent your staff from clicking on links or opening attachments in phishing emails, 95% of your cybersecurity problems would be prevented. As perimeter defenses and anti-malware software products have become more effective, cyber-attackers have turned to the phishing email approach as their number one favorite method for […]

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Prepare and Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks, such as CryptoLocker, CyrptoWall, Locky, Chimera, Zepto, and the like, have become one of the best money-making exploits for cyber-criminals, with new variants appearing on the scene every month.  These attacks usually start with a phishing email and a ZIP file attachment or a malicious link, so email vigilance can help.  But there […]

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