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In today’s business world, your data is the single most valuable asset. Our backup solution protects your company’s data so we can always restore your critical business systems locally. That means in the case of a serious outage like one caused by a natural disaster, your backup files and systems’ images will be safe. But it can still take days or even weeks to bring applications back online.

Here's what sets Acronis apart

DR orchestration

Ensure systems recover in the right order to address interdependencies between applications, with automated key DR scenarios.

Instant off-site failover

Get back to business in mere minutes in the event of a site outage by switching production workloads to machines in a cloud data center.

Encrypted backups support

Keep data private with failovers that use encrypted backups and allow us to securely use stored passwords for automated DR operations.

Application-level replication

Add virtual machines to the cloud to host replicas of applications with built-in replication technology.

Extension of local networks

Extend your networks to the recovery site to provide transparent remote access to recovery servers.

Automated testing

Verify the integrity of your DR plans by running isolated testing from our production network.

CIT & Acronis: pioneering Cyber Protection together

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