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Advanced customer experience with your dedicated Datto Blue Diamond Support Team

Access personalised and expert insight at any time, ensuring you maximise your technology investment

Priority handling of support cases - efficient ticket resolution

Get instant attention to your business-critical issues, minimizing any disruptions or downtime in your operations

Best data back-up protection for your business

Safeguard your vital business data with robust, market-leading data protection services

Back-up and encryption for your business infrastructure

Benefit from encryption and data backup, covering your full business infrastructure for comprehensive security

Channel-only vendor commitment

Leverage our exclusive supplier relationships to gain unique advantages and superior support

High probability of successful recovery from data breach​

Ensure your business’ resiliency with the highest chance of successful recovery post data breach

High-quality Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions

Benefit from top-notch BCDR services, ensuring your business remains operational regardless of unforeseen circumstances

Datto Blue Diamond Partner BCDR

CIT is a Datto Blue Diamond partner

CIT is a part of a small group of Blue Diamond partners that make up the top 2% of Datto’s global partner base.


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What is a Blue Diamond Partner?

A Blue Diamond Partner is within the top echelon of Datto’s Partnership Program, receiving enhanced support and exclusive benefits. As a Blue Diamond Partner, CIT holds the highest level of certification, expertise, and access to assist your business technology growth.

What does the partnership between CIT & Datto offer?

At its core, the partnership between CIT & Datto offers confidence and peace of mind. Together, we provide expert support and industry-leading technology for your business continuity & data protection needs. Our combined expertise allows you to focus on your growth while we take care of your digital needs.

How does Datto provide the best data back-up protection?

Datto uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your data is safeguarded from all angles. With innovations like inverse chain technology and hybrid cloud technology, Datto transcends the traditional backup solutions, offering a connected ecosystem that ensures robust data protection.

How does Datto enhance business continuity & disaster recovery?

Datto equips your business with high-quality Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions. Coupled with the support and service of a Blue Diamond Partner such as CIT, we ensure you can recover quickly and efficiently from any unforeseen circumstances. It’s not just about prevention, but also fast restoration – enabling your business to stay ahead, come what may.

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We are especially proud to partner with Datto because of their commitment to Trust, Technology, and Support. Learn more about Datto data recovery for your business here.

Read what our partnership means for your business continuity plan here.

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