Amazon Prime Day Phishing Scams

Amazon Prime Day Phishing Scams

Ah, Prime day. The glorious feeling of scoring deals (tablets, air fryers, and clothes, oh my!). As the deals heat up for us, so do the cybersecurity threats.

In the last 30 days, over 2300 new domains were registered about Amazon, a 10% increase from the previous Amazon Prime Day, where the majority now are either malicious or suspicious


If you get any Prime Day offers in email, your phone or social media remember these three things:

  1. Look out for any misspellings on any emails, ads, and domain names. Start on
  2. If you’re asked to provide additional details (e.g. your birthday or social security number) it is most likely a scam.
  3. Make sure to have a strong password created before Amazon Prime Day, and use a Credit Card instead of a Debit Card.

Last year during Amazon Prime Day, Checkpoint noted that 20% of domains registered containing the words “Amazon” and “Prime” that were malicious. This year, almost half of the domains were seen as malicious with new related domains being 32% malicious sites. 

With phishing techniques constantly getting more innovative, there are newer and easier ways for victims who are shopping for the latest deals to fall for these types of attacks. Below is an example researchers at Checkpoint found: 

Source: Checkpoint

Cyber criminals have created hundreds of fake domains with the words “Amazon” and “Prime” so watch out for scams during these two days!

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