IT Security in Manufacturing: Your Market Edge

It is not often we can pinpoint an exact sea change for trends in cybersecurity, but the manufacturing industry experienced an IT security awakening in 2010. It was September to be exact, when the Stuxnet computer worm, the first malware to attack real-world devices such as centrifuges and other machinery, was discovered.

Before Stuxnet — which was believed to have been in production as early as 2005 — not many people would have predicted real-world devices would be hackable. But Stuxnet revealed that the controls, equipment, and mechanisms of manufacturing were not only hackable, but viable targets for bad actors to disrupt industries, economies, and even entire nations.

Along with innovations in hacking, innovations in the manufacturing sector made the need for IT in manufacturing more necessary than ever.

Read on to find out what makes IT security so essential, from the shop floor and manufacturing processes to the supply chain and your end users.