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VMware Alternatives | Webinar with Scale Computing

Join us for a virtualization webinar with Scale Computing! Whether you’re considering migrating from your existing VMware solution (or another brand) or starting from scratch for the first time, there’s a better way to do it. Webinar: VMware Alternative with Scale Computing Date: March 23rd, 2023 Time: 11:00am CST Location: Microsoft Teams Registration: Click here […]

Enable your business to thrive in a disruptive world

Digital Trust is a make or break for your business In today’s digital world where most business is done online and data breaches are becoming more common, digital trust has become a valuable commodity for those companies that earn it. This phenomenon – where trust has become the currency of which businesses differentiate themselves from […]

A Brief Guide to Identity Federation Frameworks

One of the challenges in designing and implementing a cybersecurity program is reconciling the somewhat disparate goals of establishing and maintaining secure systems while preserving end user access and efficiency. You can implement the most secure system in the world, but if your end users can’t access your systems or access them efficiently, it’s all […]

13 Safe Internet Habits Everyone Should Practice

We all enjoy using the internet, but the internet monitors everything we do. Everyone needs to take safety precautions to protect data and information. Over 90% of our daily activities take place online. Think about what would happen if the internet disappeared for a single day. No doubt, businesses, and individuals will suffer significant losses. […]

Social Engineering 101

In today’s day and age there are 1000’s of buzz words and acronyms in the IT world, “Did you update the MX DNS record so that the SMTP server can relay correctly?”, “Is your next-gen Anti-Virus product EDR, MDR, or XDR?”, “How does your CDN mitigate DDoS attacks?”. Riveting conversation for the everyday person, right?   […]