What does your cable system look like?

The foundation of a sound and reliable network begins with the design and implementation of a solid structured cable system.

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Structured cabling services for over 20 years

Woman with painted nails holding a variety of cables
Round security camera set into a metal box
Blue and grey cables plugging into a numbered board

Is your physical security getting smarter?

Strengthen security and simplify ownership with Verkada. By managing cloud-based devices on a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure, improve physical security across sites and gain insights that drive your business forward.

Let us untangle those cords

  • Before

    Disorganized cables on a server rack
  • After

    organized cables on a server rack

Set up and secure your business with:

  • Cabling Infrastructure Design
  • Copper & Fiber Installation
  • Riser Management
  • Closet Management
  • Security and Surveillance Installation
  • Video and Sound Installation
  • MAC – Move, Add or Change

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