CIT is moving to a new Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool!

What we’ve been using:

CIT has been using ConnectWise Automate as our RMM tool paired with ConnectWise Control for the remote screen share function. This has served us well for the past couple of years, but we are on track to outgrow the performance and capabilities of the current RMM tool.

What we are moving to:

We are moving to a more modern ConnectWise product – ConnectWise RMM. This new tool will still use ConnectWise Control for the remote screen share function. This means you and your end users will still have a familiar support process. This new RMM tool will provide greater performance, stability, and room for growth. It is based on a modern architecture that will enable future features that would not be possible with our current RMM tool.

We will begin deploying ConnectWise RMM agents alongside our existing Automate agents. This ensures all currently supported devices are available in the new tool before removing them from the existing agent.

What to expect:

For most, nothing will look different. For the end user’s computers there will be a period when (2) CIT Icons will be in the Windows System tray. We will move all Operating System (OS) Patching to the new tool along with notifications and alerts. We will turn these functions off in Automate at that time so only one tool is controlling them. After we confirm everything is working in the new tool, we will remove the Automate agent.

Changes to workstation patching:

With our new RMM tool, we will download and install approved patches to all Windows workstation devices as soon as they are tested and approved by the ConnectWise Network Operations Center (NOC). To complete the patching there will be an after-hours scheduled reboot. This is the best practice recommendation to ensure devices are patched with the monthly Microsoft quality updates. Only the Workstations are changing to the new installation process.

Server patching will remain on Saturday mornings between 12am and 4am with a reboot during that time to complete the patches. If you have a custom server patch time window currently, we will be mirroring those with our new RMM tool. This means your servers will continue to have the same patch windows as they do today.

When is this change happening?

Our CIT Services team will work with you to schedule installing ConnectWise RMM and removing ConnectWise Automate. Please email or contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or concerns.

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