Protect your people, your data, your reputation

Adopt Advance Solutions to Combat Escalating Threats

Empowering Organizations to Safeguard Against Advanced Phishing and Zero-day Exploits

Why are threats bypassing my email gateway in O365?

Andrew's Ballroom | 9:00 AM

In today’s threat landscape, traditional email security protections for Microsoft 365 are insufficient in safeguarding organizations from sophisticated cyberattacks. This presentation highlights the vulnerabilities of native email security features, such as basic spam filters and signature-based antivirus, and explores the evolving nature of email-based threats like advanced phishing and zero-day exploits. It emphasizes the limitations of relying solely on Microsoft 365’s built-in security controls, including delayed detection and inadequate incident response capabilities. Real-world examples demonstrate the consequences of insufficient protection, including financial impacts and loss of reputation. The session advocates for adopting advanced email security solutions to effectively combat escalating email threats.

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