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Shaping the Future of Physical Security

Verkada family of products

Discover innovation at its finest in physical security

With seamless integration and simplified management from a single cloud dashboard, Verkada is poised to empower organizations with enhanced security and streamlined operations.

Smarter Security, Safer Buildings

Andrew's Ballroom | 12:00 PM

During this session, you will learn how Verkada is rethinking what it means to be physically safe. Designed with simplicity in mind, our 7 product lines (cameras, alarms, access control, intercom, mailroom, guest management and sensors) provide seamless visibility into your facilities via an integrated, secure cloud-enabled software platform. With Verkada, envision a workplace in which your security systems feel as seamless and modern as the organizations you protect. Our enterprise solution becomes a model for not just business security, but public security as well.

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