Unleash the potential of tailored dealership tech solutions

Revolutionizing your workforce

Every workspace has its unique challenges & opportunities. We dive deep into your business specifics to design technology strategies as dynamic as your requirements. From automating mundane tasks to integrating complex systems, we’re here to empower your transition seamlessly.

Invisible tech, visible impact

Our deep understanding initiates with subtlety in design, making the technology a silent partner that seamlessly integrates & enhances productivity without breaking the workflow harmony.

Expertise tailored to empower people & processes

Recognizing people as the core, our solutions enhance human-digital collaboration, embracing your values & compliance necessities while driving your business toward measurable success.


Seamless transition to innovation

Balancing tradition with innovation, we tap into three decades of expertise to craft solutions that future-proof your operations and resonate with your unique corporate culture.

Technology as a solution, not a challenge

Understanding that, sometimes, the greatest success comes from technology that offers support without becoming an obstacle, CIT focuses on streamlining and simplifying, ensuring that your resources are directed towards innovation rather than troubleshooting. 

Your dedicated team

We’re the only full-service IT provider in the world. Our team consists of industry insiders (Tech/Design-REP/Solution Engineers) with over 55+ years of commercial interior dealer experience.

Ignite growth with integrated solutions

Cybersecurity for designers

Secure creativity & data

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Hardware for designers

Powerful tools for creatives

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Rendering services

Overnight rendering is a thing of the past

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Unlock the full potential of your IT investments

Gain insights on your existing technology & receive recommendations for improvement with our IT Health Assessment

Safeguard your business with comprehensive Risk Assessments

Address potential vulnerabilities & secure your operations with our expert guidance

Maximize value with vendor audits & contract optimization

Ensure your technology vendors deliver the best service at the right price, backed by enforceable SLAs

Embrace the mobile-first workspace revolution

Optimize flexibility & performance while reducing operating costs with our expert assistance

Create an envy-worthy showroom with innovative technology

Integrate digital signage, AR/VR, video conferencing, and more to elevate your space & captivate visitors

Seamlessly adopt CET designer technology

Benefit from our expertise in laptop selection, infrastructure readiness assessments, and deployment strategies

Unlock your team’s creative power with a robust technology strategy

Collaborate with CIT to develop a long-term IT plan that drives growth & showcases your dealership’s value

Empower your team with industry-specific training

Equip your team with best practices & insights tailored for commercial office furniture, fostering success in your dealership

Leverage CIT’s expertise for effective manufacturer advocacy

Navigate the complexities of working with large manufacturers, backed by our decade of experience

Their words speak for us

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Transforming Commercial Workspaces
Designers in the digital Age

Frequently asked questions

FAQs from Dealership Executives & CET Designers considering a technology partner

What technology solutions does CIT offer?

CIT offers a range of technology solutions that can enhance the work of Designers and Dealership executives. We provide hardware, software, and managed services tailored to meet the unique needs of the Commercial Workspace industry.

How does CIT's technology solutions enhance collaboration among CET Designers and their clients?

CIT’s technology solutions foster collaboration by enabling real-time design reviews, remote client presentations, and seamless communication channels. This ensures efficient communication and feedback throughout the design process.

What makes CIT a reliable and customer-centric technology provider for the Commercial Workspace Industry?

CIT is committed to being a reliable and customer-centric partner for you. We understand the unique challenges and needs of the industry and provide tailored solutions, exceptional support, and innovative technology to help dealerships and designers succeed.

What cybersecurity solutions does CIT offer to protect my dealership from cyber threats?

CIT offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, including network security, threat intelligence, endpoint protection, and employee training, safeguarding your dealership against evolving cyber threats.