CyberSecurity: Secure and Protect your Network

The Best CyberSecurity Defense Is A Good Offense:

It’s not likely that your network will be penetrated from outside your walls. That’s not the way hackers hack. They phish. Their phishing emails look official and urgent – tantalizing bits of bait for you or one of your employees. And when someone takes a nibble, a virus or malware is installed on your network, creating a back door the hacker hopes to exploit at a later date.

But you’re not without defense. With CIT CyberSecurity, you have several levels of defense to secure and protect your network.

  • Network Scan – we search your software and network for vulnerabilities, comparing the results to a database of over 800 known vulnerabilities, giving us the ability to identify, locate, arrest and rid your network of potential threats.
  • Penetration Test – in compliant industries, it is often necessary to show proof of cyber security. In these instances, we try to penetrate a network through the same tools a hacker would use. This allows us to exploit and repair weaknesses before someone else does. Upon completion, we provide the documentation to prove compliance.
  • Training – on-site education with our CyberSecurity team will help you understand the threats and what you can do to eliminate the vast majority of them.
  • Hardware Audit – baseline cybersecurity scan that inventories all devices, access points and users across your network in order to determine weak spots. This gives us a snapshot of an organization’s security posture and road map for next steps.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – log management, event correlation, analysis, and reporting.

You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve been hacked.

The best defense is a good offense. That’s why CIT has Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH). A CEH works your network and hardware like a real hacker, but works for the good guys. As our CEH hack your business they lock the doors behind them so no one can get in.

CIT can provide security audits which will come in handy when:

  1. Clients request a security audit.
  2. You allow customers, suppliers or contractors to connect to your network.
  3. You accept credit cards.
  4. Your credit card processor requests a compliance exam.
  5. You need to demonstrate compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  6. You provide financial services to: banks, CPA’s, financial advisors, insurance providers who are accountable to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) which require financial institutions to protect private financial information.

Accounting scandals and well-publicized security breaches have angered consumers, cost business vast losses in revenue and have legislators looking for solutions. More industries are under growing pressure to comply with regulations mandating data security and network integrity. Regulations will continue to evolve, audits are becoming more frequent and comprehensive while compliance requirements and penalties will be much tougher for compliant industries.

The CyberSecurity Solution: Assess • Mitigate • Protect

Cybersecurity Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of security
  • Ensure that you are protected and compliant
  • Prioritize Resources
  • Monitor Network
  • Training and procedures


Check out our Managed IT Services

We deliver CIT Secure in a comprehensive cybersecurity package. It’s called Managed Securities. Designed for all businesses (even those who are currently committed to a managed services contract), CIT’s Managed Securities is the comprehensive set of tools you need to protect your privates.