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Innovative cybersecurity you can depend on backed by our in-house cybersecurity team

Email Security Solutions

Strengthen your organization’s defense with CIT’s recommended hardening steps for Exchange/Microsoft 365/G-Suite environment, safeguarding your account from online breaches.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

By creating targeted simulated attacks, CIT assists in training your staff to identify and protect against threatening phishing attempts, making your personnel your first line of defense.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The most cost-effective defense solution, our comprehensive training fosters an understanding of cybersecurity importance at an individual level allowing for personal as well as organizational security.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

With PAM, ensure “least privileged access”, providing employees only the necessary security access which greatly cuts down the possibility of a security breach and associated risks.

Continuous Review and Improvement

Alongside these services, CIT believes in continuous improvement and consistent review of your cybersecurity measures, making sure your defenses are always at their strongest.

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Unlocking the potential of CIT’s cybersecurity services for your business

What can I expect from CIT's cybersecurity reviews?

We conduct a thorough check on your environment’s configuration and management, reviewing your Active Directory setting up to your firewall’s security settings. This includes an annual review of user accounts, organizational units, security policies, and network shares. We also provide risk scoring and recommend potential configuration updates.

How are the email cybersecurity reviews performed?

We recommend steps to harden your Exchange/Microsoft 365/G-Suite environment as a preventative security measure against the rising trend of breaches that are occurring daily. This process is a part of our continual improvement strategy.

What is the incident response plan?

This plan describes our response to information security incidents, defining the roles and responsibilities of participants, characterization of incidents, relationships to other policies and procedures, and reporting requirements.

What is dark web monitoring?

Over 57% of the illicit sites contain login credentials harvested from phishing activity or possible data breaches. With dark web monitoring, we rapidly identify and address potential threats to protect your data.

How does CIT support my cybersecurity and compliance needs?

We provide a unique blend of innovative, customer-centric cybersecurity solutions that secure your business, educate your team, and ensure regulatory compliance – all tailored to address your specific needs and challenges.

How can cybersecurity services help my business?

Our cybersecurity services help protect the integrity of your business by safeguarding sensitive information, maintaining productivity, and supporting your future growth and resilience. By preventing digital attacks, you avoid disruptions, damage to your reputation, and potential financial loss.

Leveraging AI: Cybersecurity Q&A

June 25th 10:30am CST

Join this live webinar as we explore the world of AI and discuss how attackers and defenders are using AI, what are the best practices and policies for AI security, and what tools and solutions are available to help.