DarkTrace is Real Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Arms Race

DarkTrace is Real Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Arms Race

DarkTrace is Real Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Arms Race


Technological ecosystems for businesses are growing more rapidly than ever. The majority of our business communications, transactions, and data are all stored in various clouds or exchanged online. These evolving technologies are undoubtedly useful for businesses. However, the business systems that rely on them have become increasingly complex to manage. Failing to meticulously maintain these systems creates risks and introduces vulnerabilities for your business.


Keeping your information safe from hackers is stretching security teams beyond their capabilities. A recent report gathered input from 200 Chief Information Security Officer’s describing how, for years, businesses and hackers have been locked in a cybersecurity arms race. Technological advancement surges forward at a relentless pace, driving growth and innovation in the business sphere. Unfortunately, is the equally sophisticated efforts of hackers, whose creative and persistent tactics aim to compromise your sensitive information.

The cybersecurity arms race for businesses just got a critical ally with Darktrace, the leader in behavioral cyber platforms. Darktrace adds Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) protection to an already robust and cutting-edge portfolio of CIT leading a new era of fighting cybercrime.


Artificial intelligence streamlines cybersecurity, adeptly analyzing user behavior to simplify the complexities of AI and ML technologies. CIT’s solutions embody such innovation, ensuring reliable protection tailored to the unique digital challenges our clients face. It swiftly employs pattern recognition to identify any deviations within those patterns, ensuring robust defense mechanisms for our clients’ digital assets. Darktrace’s cyber AI creates a robust defense by tracking and analyzing your data along with various usage patterns. Darktrace’s cyber AI actively monitors your network, raising alerts in real time to proactively mitigate threats before they can inflict any damage. This ensures a robust and preemptive security posture, safeguarding your business’s digital integrity.

Offering Darktrace is just one of the ways we provide our clients with the very best in securing sensitive data and systems. Consider Darktrace as a key pillar in your cybersecurity architecture, offering cutting-edge AI defense against emerging threats. Securities Information & Event Management (SIEM) logging solutions constitute the second pillar of our technology-focused approach to cybersecurity. Providing comprehensive oversight, they serve to fortify your digital defenses and to cultivate a responsive cybersecurity strategy:

  • Darktrace is a behavioral leader in the recent innovations of Artificial Intelligence that pinpoints abnormal activity on a network and reports that information back to AlienVault.
  • SIEM logging solutions are all about compliance, securing your systems proactively to meet the technology of the day, and the hackers who threaten that technology.


Simply put CIT, now armed with Darktrace AI, is the best cyber defense for your business. Whether you need to answer a compliance audit, or your business needs iron-clad cybersecurity in a rapidly changing technological ecosystem, CIT has you covered. Our new products and services are making cybersecurity technology work for your business.

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