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Harnessing technology for business growth

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Customized solutions tailored for your unique business needs

No two businesses are exactly alike. Our customized solutions meet your specific goals & unique requirements.

Expert technicians & engineers at your service

Our skilled technicians & engineers are ready to provide you with premium, personalized tech support

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Experience dependable support from a team that values your business success as much as you do

Cost-effective, innovative, & adaptable options

With CIT, gain access to affordable yet sophisticated solutions designed to adapt & grow with your business.

Transformative technology services

Empowering businesses through innovation & reliability

Cabling & low voltage wiring

A solid foundation for your network with expertly installed cables for seamless data transfer & minimal downtimes

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Workstations, servers, & switches

Technologically advanced, high-quality hardware components to forge a robust & efficient infrastructure for your workplace operations

Hardware implementation & support

Simplify complex hardware tasks with our seasoned team, ensuring a smooth transition & ongoing support for continued business success

Network administration

Streamline your network management with CIT’s comprehensive, seamless, and security-focused administration strategies

Project-based or outsourced engineer roles

Flexible, customizable solutions with our experts to augment your team, tackling challenging tasks and successfully driving projects to completion

Development, database & networking analysis

Future-proof your business growth with a blend of innovative development, reliable database, & high-performing networking strategies

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs from business executives investing in their technology

How do I get started with CIT for my technology hardware needs?

Beginning your CIT journey to meet your technology hardware needs is straightforward. You can simply reach out using our Contact Us form or call us at 651.255.5780, provide us with enough information about your business & its needs, and our seasoned team will promptly get back to you on the next steps.

What types of hardware can CIT provide for my business?

CIT caters to a wide spectrum of hardware needs including but not limited to cabling and low voltage wiring, workstations, servers, switches and more. No matter what hardware your business requires, CIT provides solutions that are reliable, cutting-edge, and balance performance with cost-effectiveness.

How does the process work for incorporating technology hardware from CIT into my existing infrastructure?

Our technology integration process is both seamless & transparent. Our professional technicians assess your current infrastructure, establish your requirements, then work tirelessly alongside your team to integrate the required technology hardware from CIT, causing minimal disruption to your existing operations.

Can CIT provide an entire end-to-end computer network for my business?

Absolutely. CIT prides itself on delivering comprehensive, end-to-end computer network solutions that are customized to your business needs. We specialize in providing scalable systems that grow with your business, ensuring efficient communication, effective data management, and overall operational success.

How do I know what hardware and software is appropriate for my company?

The choice often depends on various factors specific to your business – the industry, the size of your operations, your business goals, and budget. CIT excels at helping businesses identify their specific needs. Our team stays with you from consulting to installation, ensuring you find the right balance of hardware and software to drive your business to the forefront of technological efficiency.

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