It’s Not Magic. And It’s Not Scary.

Somewhere in the back rooms, snaked in the walls, hidden in closets, lurks that scary menagerie of boxes with green, yellow, and red lights with hundreds of cords and cables that disappear into a hole in the wall and poof! printers print, computers talk to one another and data is stored securely. It’s not magic. And it’s not scary. It’s just hardware. It’s the skeleton of a fully functioning network. It’s the kind of stuff we focus on every day to provide our clients a secure environment to work, produce, and do commerce. At CIT, we plan and manage this menagerie to keep you running at top speed, so your people never have to think about what’s behind those walls and doors.

IT Infrastructure

At CIT, design solutions start with expert consulting services. We listen, we learn. Then we offer fresh ideas and new approaches to meet the needs of your organization. We combine our extensive knowledge of software technologies and a wide range of business experience to create more productive solutions.


Using only high-quality, name-brand components, CIT will assemble customer workstations tailored for your business and your people. Our local presence for service and parts, combined with a single point of contact for prompt quoting, ordering and service, make our systems the obvious choice.

Servers and Switches

Outdated or poorly maintained servers can bring a business to its knees. CIT knows you need secure, reliable access to your data at all times. We’ll keep your server up-to-date and up-to-speed so you always have access to the files you need. And when your business outgrows your current server, we can provide the optimum new server, and network switches to keep your data and your business flowing.


CIT believes the foundation to a sound and reliable network begins with the design and implementation of a solid structured cabling system. All of the critical systems that run your business ride on your cabling infrastructure. CIT has been providing structured cabling services for over 20 years. Our commitment to quality products and workmanship is what sets us apart from our competition. Our long-term and experienced workforce provides strong project leadership and ensures our teams are equipped to handle any project. Our cabling services is about technology with people in mind.

Network Design Consultation Services

Providing engineers for a project/term-specific need or a completely outsourced role.


With CIT as your ally, we service and monitor your routers to enable a higher quality end-user network experience and maximize your company’s uptime.

Security and Firewall

Effectively achieve vulnerability management, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance goals.


We provide a secure environment for your web assets with a variety of standard and optional features for all types of websites.