focus on people during the acceleration of technology

Work Smarter. Not Harder. Focus on People

The acceleration of technology long held the promise of making our lives easier, more productive and efficient. What happened? When did the idea of technology serving people transform into the reality of people serving technology? Today, businesses are held hostage by technology, stifled by it, dependent on it to the extent that when it doesn’t work, they don’t work. At CIT, we’re an I.T. partner that puts people and productivity ahead of software or hardware. We focus on the real assets of your business and work with you to deploy solutions that get people back to work and keep them working more efficiently.

Managed IT Services

If you’ve thought about outsourcing certain technology responsibilities, you’re thinking Managed Services. Managed Services is where we become responsible for elements of your technology based on your needs. It’s like hiring a staff of experts, but paying less than one qualified employee. We are not talking about off-the-rack solutions, CIT’s Managed Services involve a careful consideration of your business followed by a tailored solution for how technology can best be applied to meeting your needs.


We focus on people during the acceleration of technology.

CIT training is all about making technology work for people. We focus on making sure your team is as productive as possible and taking full advantage of the applications they use each day. We are a Microsoft certified Gold partner and can provide top-notch training in the following software:

    • SharePoint
    • Office 365
    • Outlook
    • Skype for Business
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel
    • Word

IT Infrastructure

At CIT, design solutions start with expert consulting services. We listen, we learn. Then we offer fresh ideas and new approaches to meet the needs of your organization. We combine our extensive knowledge of software technologies and a wide range of business experiences to create more productive solutions.