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Managed Service Feedback and Why it’s Important

What is Managed Services Feedback? 

After your ticket is closed by a Managed Services Engineer, you will receive an email asking for your feedback.  The feedback asks one question “How did we do on this request?” It provides you with three faces to choose from and an ability to add comments if you want but is not required.

Why is the feedback so important? 

We love hearing from you, the customer, on how your experience was on your ticket.  This feedback is used to better your experience with CIT and the Managed Services Team.

How are we utilizing your feedback? 

This is used to create and update policies and procedures. It is also used to reflect on how our engineers are doing.  All feedback is reviewed by the Managed Services Leadership Team and the engineer you worked with.

When is it important to provide feedback?  

All feedback is beneficial to our team and the improvement of Managed Services. We especially like to hear when you are satisfied with your support or when you feel there are improvements to be made.

Feedback is by far the most important thing you can do to help us best support you.  We strongly believe some of the best conversations with customers come from these feedback calls. A member of the Managed Service Leadership Team will call on all neutral and negative feedback. This gives us an opportunity to work together to understand what happened and how to make changes moving forward. We understand that everyone is busy, but we greatly value this form of communication and love to hear from you.

Thank You,

Manage Services Leadership Team

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