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Technology for Business Podcast – How Do I Budget for IT?

Join founder Chris Taylor and Sales Director Ann Mauer as they sit down to discuss the question “How Do I Budget for IT?”. They dive into the why, what, and how of SMB IT budgeting. Have questions you’d like to hear discussed? Send an email to or head over to Have a question […]

Technology for Business Podcast – Zero-Trust Part I

This week we chat with Todd, Nate, and Ashley about Zero-Trust and what it is. They’ve got castle moat and decorative hand towel analogies and so much more. Stay tuned for Part II of how to implement coming soon. Have questions you’d like to hear discussed? Send an email to or head over to […]

Technology for Business Podcast – Maturity Model

Myths include: This week Tara sat down with Todd and Scott to chat more about the Maturity Model (and their favorite vinyl). Listen in to learn more about: How do you define the Maturity Model? Who should consider Maturity Models? Is there more than 1 application for the MM? How does this apply to technology? […]

Technology for Business Podcast – Myths of Managed Services

In this week’s episode, Kyle and Alex sit down to chat about the Myths of the MSP (Managed Service Provider). Myths include: A MSP is there to replace your IT Staff Once you sign up all your problems will go away Only people without IT staff need MSPs & more! Have a question for Kyle […]

Technology for Business Podcast – Healthcare Cybersecurity Act 2022

Todd and Nate sat down to break down the Healthcare Cybersecurity act in this week’s episode. They discuss how this is new legislation and how it won’t be the last, what it is, and what it means. Have a question for Kyle or Rob? Email Episode Transcription Tara Klocke: [00:00:00] Welcome to today’s CIT […]

Technology for Business Podcast – Physical Security (Cameras, Sensors, & more!)

Join Kyle and Todd as they chat about physical security for SMBs. This episode covers traditional and new physical security technology available. Plus, how manufacturing, education, and even CIT use this new cloud-based physical technology. Our speakers discuss Verkada we chat about new technology. If you have questions or would like to see a demo […]

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