Navigate safely: The dangers of Phishing

Unearth the hidden perils of Phishing and learn to steer clear, embarking on a more secure digital journey.


is the average amount lost by SMBs due to cyber attacks


of SMBs surveyed have been hit with a cybersecurity breach


of cyber attacks annually are accounted for by SMBs

Your compass in the digital labyrinth: Phishing Tip Sheet

A man engaged with his tablet, exploring the Phishing Tip Sheet, depicting a proactive approach to cybersecurity. A visual testament to CIT's mission in growing individual cybersecurity knowledge.

Navigate with your Phishing Tip Sheet now

Enhance your cyber defense toolset with our insightful, user-friendly Phishing Tip Sheet, navigating your voyage towards digital safety.

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Submerge into our reservoir of blogs, sparkling with insights, real-world scenarios, and strategies countering Phishing, enriching your knowledge journey.

Augmenting awareness with audio insights

Uncover the not-so-hidden clues in phishing attacks & learn to report – a curated podcast session at your fingertips.

How To Recognize And Report Phishing

Navigate your cybersecurity journey with confidence

Explore core cybersecurity elements & pave the way to a more secure future. From MFA to vCISO, discover how CIT is your ally in the digital realm.

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