Remote Work is Here to Stay – Top 3 Technology Solutions

Remote work has never been more mainstream than today. The pandemic shifted many jobs to remote, and as this shift occurred many workers have found that they prefer the remote place so much more so than the traditional office that they are willing to quit their current job if forced to return to the traditional setting.

Many companies also have seen an increase in productivity and lower operational expenses. So it is safe to say that remote workers will continue to be a larger part of the workforce going forward. Technology solutions have adapted, expanded, and exploded over the last year to address this shift.

The Top 3 Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

Microsoft Teams / Zoom Video Conference and Voice Solutions

It is no surprise that over the last year the number of video calls and meeting has exploded. These solutions have transformed what it means to have a meeting and also provide faster collaboration and unification of allowing your phone calls and video calls to handle by one platform

Modern Desktop

A modern desktop means that a remote employee’s laptop or desktop can be authenticated, managed and secured over the internet without a direct connection back to a corporate office.     This means that compliance, remote support and device maintenance can be handled with nothing more than connectivity to the internet. This solution also allows for high level of self-service IT to allow users to stay productive even outside of normal business hours with self-recovery and deployment capabilities.

Cloud-Enabled applications

The shift to cloud enabled applications has been occurring for a number of years. For a remote work force to be highly productive business need to look at their core applications and consider moving to applications that are internet facing and provide the ability to access without the need to connect via VPN etc. back to a corporate environment. This allows for work anytime/anyplace capability to have a ultra-productive remote workforce.

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