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We provide expedited replacement services to ensure that productivity is not hindered. Plus, with our proactive 36-month replacement plan, you’ll never have to worry about outdated hardware again.

Unlock potential

Unlock your workspace’s potential with our hardware & design technology services. Our expertise in providing the right hardware & support will empower your team to focus on creativity and productivity without limitations.

Optimize performance

With our suite of services, we can optimize your workspace’s performance. Our solutions provide unmatched support for your entire team. Let us worry about the technical aspects, so you can focus on delivering world-class designs.

Design Technology Service

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Your questions answered

Unlocking the potential of CIT’s hardware services for your business

What is "design technology as a service"?

It is a comprehensive service that includes hardware, support, security, rendering offload, expedited replacement services, and proactive 36-month replacement.

How does CIT ensure that my design technology is always supported and secure?

Our ongoing support & security measures keep your hardware & software functioning optimally & protected from potential threats.

Can I keep my current hardware longer with this service?

Absolutely! This service allows designers to keep their current hardware longer. It increases the value of the dealer’s hardware investments in design laptops by keeping them in service for an extended period.

How does CIT ensure that the hardware provided is compatible with the suite of other applications I need?

Our sourcing process involves ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications, so you can have confidence that the hardware will work seamlessly with your entire design software suite.

Can CIT assist with the installation and setup process of the hardware?

Yes, our assistance covers not only finding and sourcing the right hardware but also helping with the installation and setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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