Rendering Acceleration & Offload Services

Revolutionize Large-Scale Rendering Efficiency

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Eliminate "Wait" time
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Empower your workflow

Streamline operations for maximum efficiency

Boost performance

Experience a remarkable 10-20x acceleration in raw Photo Lab rendering times when utilizing the render multiple functions from Photo Lab. Say goodbye to frustrating waiting times and unleash your productivity like never before.

Effortless offloading

Our cutting-edge service seamlessly offloads the heavy lifting to our powerful servers, freeing up your device to tackle other important tasks. Multitask efficiently while our experts bring your images to life.

Extend Laptop Lifespan

Maintain a quieter and cooler laptop by redirecting rendering tasks away from your local resources. This not only enhances your comfort, but it can also extend the useful life of your device by months or even years.

Streamlined Designer Solution

Note: Network speed directly impacts rendering job start time. For optimal results, ensure your home or showroom network has upload speeds of 20 Mbps or higher. Users with upload speeds of 50 Mbps or more will enjoy the greatest benefits. To ensure seamless experience we will pre-qualify your network performance. Our collaboration with Configura streamlines the rendering offload process, reducing reliance on network performance. Keep in mind that large Sketchup symbols in drawings may slightly prolong rendering job transfer from CET Designer to our servers.


Your questions answered

Unlocking the potential of CIT’s rendering services for your business

How does the Rendering Acceleration/Offload Service benefit me?

This service increases raw Photo Lab rendering times by 10-20x when using the render multiple function from Photo Lab. It eliminates the “wait” time for renderings to process on your laptop, allowing you to continue your work while the images process. 

Does this service affect the performance of my laptop?

No, this service does not utilize local laptop resources to render. This means that your laptop remains quieter and cooler, potentially extending its useful life by months or even years.

Can I keep my current hardware longer with this service?

Absolutely! This service allows designers to keep their current hardware longer. It increases the value of the dealer’s hardware investments in design laptops by keeping them in service for an extended period.

How does network performance affect the rendering offload process?

The time to send rendering jobs across the network can impact the overall rendering process. For optimal performance, this solution is suitable for clients with fast home or showroom network connections (20 mb + upload speeds). Users with 50mb+ upload speeds will experience the greatest benefit.

Does the size of Sketchup symbols affect the rendering process?

Yes, large Sketchup symbols in drawings tend to significantly increase the amount of time it takes to send rendering jobs from CET Designer to CIT’s servers. It’s important to consider the size of the symbols in your drawings to optimize the rendering process.

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