Phone systems for business

Custom voice solutions for your organization

Partnering with top technology providers

Advancements in business communication

Leveraging technology to boost communication in today’s businesses

Cloud-based solutions for flexibility & scalability

Adapt quickly, grow effortlessly! Our cloud-based solutions allow your communication tools to expand as your business grows

Reliable uptime

Stay connected, anytime! We ensure your business is live, never missing any critical communication

Seamless integration with existing workflows

Effortless and integrated! Our systems seamlessly blend with your existing workflows, promoting efficiency and ease.

Enhanced productivity & collaboration features

Collaborate effectively! Our advanced collaboration features spark productivity and help ignite innovative conversations.

Accessible on all devices & platforms

Communicate on-the-go! Our solutions are accessible across all devices & platforms ensuring consistent communication.

Stay ahead of the curve in a changing digital landscape

Explore CIT’s resources packed with the latest insights, tips & tricks.

Phone Calls a from Computer: Empowering Modern Communication

Phone Calls a from Computer: Empowering Modern Communication

6 months ago

Phone Calls from a Computer: Empowering Modern Communication In the digital age, efficient and seamless

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Unleashing the power of innovation, driving growth & continuity

Expanding your horizons across our range of services, explore the potential we bring with our expertise, blended seamlessly into three well-defined categories.

Microsoft Teams Voice

Empower your team with unified communication! Utilize Microsoft Teams Voice for crystal-clear calls, enhancing your business collaboration and productivity.


Experience an all-in-one platform! RingCentral offers simplified team communication, enabling streamlined messaging, video calls, and phone calls in one central hub.

Mitel Phone Systems

Discover unparalleled reliability! Mitel Phone Systems provide advanced communication tools, equipping you to seamlessly handle your growing business needs.

Cloud Communications

Skyrocket your connectivity! Embrace the power of Cloud Communications to scale your business communication with ease and flexibility.

VoIP Telephony

Unlock cost-effective communication! VoIP Telephony ensures high-quality calls without breaking the bank, enabling you to enhance connectivity while minimizing expenses.

Business Continuity Solutions

Stay connected, no matter what! Our Business Continuity Solutions provide reliable backups, ensuring your communication channels remain robust and uninterrupted during unforeseen events.

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Finding Solutions: Navigating Your Questions

Frequently asked questions

FAQs from executives & IT admins considering a telephony partner

How can I decide which system is the best fit for my business?

Every business is unique and so are its communication needs. Our tech-savvy team will help you analyze your needs, understand your workflow and suggest the best-suited solution that empowers your team to be more productive and effective.

Can I integrate my current hardware and software with these solutions?

Yes, integration is at the heart of our phone systems. We aim to create communication solutions that work seamlessly with your existing hardware and software. This ensures a smoother transition and minimizes any disruption to your operations.

What kind of support is available for transitions to a new system?

Our service team is committed to helping you transition smoothly. We provide end-to-end assistance from installation to training, and continued support post-transition. We’re an ally you can rely on in your digital transformation journey.

How much does it cost to upgrade or switch to a new phone system for my business?

Costs can vary based on your specific needs and choice of the system. Rest assured, we are focused on providing cost-effective solutions that drive value for your business. Let’s chat to outline your needs and deliver an accurate quote.

Will my remote team be able to access all the functionality of the phone system?

Absolutely! Our systems are designed for the modern workforce. Whether your team operates from the office, remotely, or a mix of both, they will have full access to all the functionalities of the phone system on any device.