Focus Security

It’s not likely that your network will be penetrated from outside your walls. That’s not the way hackers hack. They phish. They send emails with tantalizing bits of bait that people nibble on. And when they bite — poof!, a virus or a piece of malware is installed on your network which creates a back door the hacker hopes to exploit at a later date. But you’re not without defense. With CIT CyberSecurity, you have several levels of defense to secure and protect your network. We are more than happy to schedule a meeting to discuss all services and solutions as it relates to security:

  • Duo Security – Multifactor Authentication – Give your users reliable and secure access to your applications. Protect every user with Duo’s easy-to- use two-factor authentication, endpoint security and secure single sign-on.
  • AlienVault – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – log management, event correlation, analysis, and reporting. AlienVault USM Anywhere and AlienApps can specifically monitor your Office365 Tenancy.
  • Security Awareness Training – Help empower your end users to be part of the solution and not the target.
  • Phishing Tests – Learn how well your employees understand the risks and common phishing behaviors and warning signs.
  • Password Management – Password protection and makes storing, managing, and retrieving passwords quick and easy from virtually any connected device.
  • Office 365 Security Health Check – Work with CIT to review and compare your Office365 Tenancy with industry standard best practices.
  • Office 365 Hardening – Based on Gap analysis from our Office 365 Health Check, CIT can work with your organization to implement additional native Office 365 security features, and layer 3rd party solutions, all designed to reduce risk.