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In this episode of the Tech for Business podcast, our two GRC analysts, Ann and Matthew, dive deep into the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and its latest version, 4.0.

They start by providing a brief overview of what PCI is and who needs to comply with its data security requirements. They then explain why a new version of PCI DSS is needed, discussing how technology has changed and how the new standard aims to improve security and reduce risk.

Ann and Matthew go on to review the significant changes and updates introduced by PCI DSS 4.0, such as more testing and validation, system-specific testing, and new requirements for encryption and authentication. They discuss how these changes will impact businesses and consumers and the importance of staying up to date with the new standard to protect against data breaches and cyber attacks.

The speakers also share tips and recommendations for businesses to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance, highlighting the benefits of using an accredited PCI processing service and taking advantage of free assessment and compliance audit resources.

Whether you’re a business owner, an IT professional, or simply interested in data security, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Join Ann and Matthew as they explore the future of PCI DSS 4.0 and how it will shape the way we protect sensitive data in a rapidly evolving world.

The Future of PCI DSS 4.0: New Standards for Data Security in a Rapidly Evolving World

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