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What is Managed Services?

In the past 5 years the Google search “What is Managed Services?” has steadily been on the rise. Is it something in healthcare? A technology concierge? Andrew, our Managed Services Sales Engineer, sat down to give us a little clarity on the subject.

Ever since computers were invented, people needed to support them. These IT professionals needed to be sitting in front of the computer to solve the issue. As technology has processed, so have the tools to support that technology. Thanks to a complete Managed Services toolset, IT professionals can work on different issues on devices in multiple locations from one spot.

Managed Services (MS) has been able to consolidate and automate many of the tasks IT professionals used to perform manually.

MS is usually provided through a program installed on computers called an agent. The agent performs many active tasks like Windows update patching, anti-virus (AV) installation, and updates, providing a security support tunnel, and scheduled reboots. The agent generates alerts for devices that information IT pros if there is an issue with the device.

The toolset is not only limited to workstations and servers. MS includes everything from security monitoring and prevention, backup monitoring and disaster recovery solutions, password management systems, network device monitoring, and more!

Managed services aren’t just for big businesses with thousands of devices. MS can be implemented in any size organization, and with a full staff of IT professionals, MS providers can provide a full outsourced IT solution.

Andrew is currently our Managed Services Sales Engineer. He has been working in the IT industry for over 10 years and joined the CIT t team in 2016. When not working on IT, Andrew spends time with his wife and son in beautiful River Falls, WI.

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